Dublin Zoo – An Illustrated History


‘Here we have probably the best-ever zoo history book from these islands’  Tim Brown, Zoo Grapevine.

 ‘This book shows what a great achievement can be made when a zoo takes proper care of its historical documentation and a gifted historian who knows about zoos and animals turns preserved dry facts into a readable and interesting story.’  Vernon Kisling, International Zoo News

This is the first major record of the history of Dublin Zoo, which has attracted over 45 million visitors since it opened in 1831. The book is richly illustrated with images of animals, visitors and keepers.

Entertaining stories about elephant rides, chimpanzee tea parties, the ‘Irish Lion Industry’ and ice-skating on the lake are placed in their social context as the Zoo survived the famine years, political troubles and economic hardship. The extraordinary changes in Dublin Zoo in recent years are described in their historical context.