Catherine de Courcy is an author, historian and researcher who has published in Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the United States. She specialises in presenting historical material in a popular style to appeal to a general audience.

Since 2011, Catherine has been researching the story of the Christians, now known as the Cathars, who lived in Occitania in the south of France in the 13th century.  She has read extensively, hiked to key Cathar locations, spent time in a Cathar cave, and met mystics and others who are drawn to the stories about the Cathars.  Her forthcoming novel, ‘Montségur’, is based on the ten-month siege in 1243-44 of the community who lived on Montségur.  It is scheduled for publication in late summer 2017.

Catherine is also an authority on the history of zoos and has published extensively on the subject.  Her history of Dublin Zoo (2009) was described by the Independent Zoo Enthusiasts Society, UK, as ‘probably the best-ever zoo history book from these islands’.